Greater Manchester Plan

The Greater Manchester Plan for Homes, Jobs and the Environment has been put together by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) made up of the Mayor of Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester’s 10 local councils.

The plan is to provide the right homes, in the right places for people across the region and is part of local government planning to create jobs, improve infrastructure and ensure the future success of Greater Manchester.

The Plan;

  • sets out how Greater Manchester should develop until 2037
  • identifies the amount of new development in terms of housing, offices, industry and warehousing and the main areas where this will be focused
  • supports the delivery of key infrastructure
  • protects important environmental assets
  • allocates sites for employment and housing outside the existing urban area
  • defines a new green belt boundary.

The current timetable is;

  • 21 January 2019 – first phase of consultation begins
  • 18 March 2019 – first phase of consultation closes
  • Analysis and publication of feedback and responses before second phase of consultation begins
  • Autumn 2019 – second phase of consultation begins
  • March 2020 – planning inspectors check the consultation processes and what has been done with the feedback (examination phase)
  • December 2020 – publication of the final plan ready to roll out.

The current part of the Plan is consultation.

The Plan’s scope is strategic and its focus concentrates on policy and we expect the objectives of the Mauger Campaign to be covered elsewhere at a more practical and less strategic level.

Nevertheless we would not let the consultation stage pass without comment and have made a submission (see our Greater Manchester Plan submission page).

Receipt of our submission has been acknowledged.

We will update in due course.