We are delighted that Stockport Council

has agreed to honour Ivan

and commemorate his life and achievements

with a Blue Plaque

at his former family home at Chester Road, Woodford
Belle Vue v Halifax, Challenge, Friday 4 April 1969 It’s 54 years since Ivan’s debut for Belle Vue And it’s 54 years since I took this picture at Hyde Road on Ivan’s debut in the Easter weekend challenge against Halifax. During the meeting I moved towards the pits

to see if I could get a picture of Ivan
When the bike with the name ‘Ivan Mauger’ clearly

visible on the rear mudguard was pushed on to

the track I knew that I would only have a moment

to get the picture composed and in focus
I pressed the trigger and hoped for the best I was delighted when I finally got to see the result

after the film was processed and the picture printed
And what a season 1969 turned out to be for Ivan! 6 September 2022 was the 54th world championship Anniversary of Ivan Mauger's first Calling all Speedway followers and supporters in London Newcastle Manchester Exeter Hull New Zealanders wherever you are everyone in Stockport ... in fact, everyone who values achievement ... in fact, everyone who values achievement And see the new Ivan Mauger section at the Speedway Museum